Jan 8, 2008

Organic cotton made products

by Shoko Sugasawa

I'd like to recommend two products from Eco-Products 2007.

My first recommendation is from Ecopro Market Zone.
Touta is a sanitary napkin made from
organic cotton and rags from factory.

Touta has various cute sanitary napkins!

In addition, another beneficial thing about this napkin is that its made from organic cotton and makes it really comfortable !

Why don’t you try these pretty napkins in such blue week which comes once in a month?
They will change your blue days into happy days!

Second, hat made from organic cotton.

This pretty bib is a product from “Sign”,
hat brand with environmentally friendly philosophy.
This hat has soft texture and very comfortable, because it is made from organic cotton.

This bib is reversible, and the frog logo is so cute!

It is very important to give safe and eco-friendly products to baby!