Sep 30, 2007


Shiro Hosojima (English Guide Tour Leader)
age: 29
college: University of Colorado at Boulder, BA Environmental Studies Graduated 2005
University of Utah at SLC, BS Economics Graduated 2001
Interests: climbing, trekking, shooting photos, drinking coffee, searching for cool looking vintage product(of course , good efficiency is a requirement!), and reading books
Favorite Artist: Grandaddy, Electric President, Seabear, Pinback
Favorite Food: alots of wasabi in tororo Soba (Japanese noodle)
Position: Management, Page Designer&editer , photographer, Writer

Takeshi Nozawa (English Guide Tour Staff, Blog Leader)
college: Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, Senior
Interests: breakdancing, organic farming
Favorite Food: Typical Japanese Food
Position: Blog Leader, Planner, Interviewer, Logisitics,Writer

Shoko Sugasawa( Interview Staff, JFS Intern)
college: Tokyo University of Agriculture &Technology
faculty of Agriculture, junior
Interests: touring canoe/soft tennis/music/films/singing/traveling/
reading books/cooking
Favorite Color: beige/silver/gold/lavender/white/black/brown
Position: Interviewer

Ryuta Sato(Director of Visual Content, Camera Operator, Interviewer)
college: Oberlin University
Interests: Photography, Film, Motion Graphic, and Music.
Favorite Food: Japanese Soul Food (Washoku)
Position: Director of Visual Content and Camera Operator.

Sep 28, 2007

About Eco-Products Exhibition 
(official English site)

[Date] December 13th(Thu)-15th(Sat) 2007
[Place] Tokyo Big Site

"Eco-Products" is the largest eco-related exhibition in Japan.
Over 150 thousand people from every walk of life
gather to this exhibition to exchange their views on "spreading eco-products"
and "protecting the environment".
Last year at "Eco-Products 2006,"
about 550 companies & organizations exhibited.

Attending guests saw the latest eco-products, eco-services,
and eco-concepts that the exhibitors introduced.

2006 updates and reports (JFS)↓

2006 Slideshow↓

If you are thinking about simultaneous pursuit of environmental preservation
and economic profit,or if you want to create an eco brand image of your company,
or if you want to learn the latest "eco-life" trends,
"Eco-Products 2007" is the place you want to visit this December!