Sep 30, 2007


Shiro Hosojima (English Guide Tour Leader)
age: 29
college: University of Colorado at Boulder, BA Environmental Studies Graduated 2005
University of Utah at SLC, BS Economics Graduated 2001
Interests: climbing, trekking, shooting photos, drinking coffee, searching for cool looking vintage product(of course , good efficiency is a requirement!), and reading books
Favorite Artist: Grandaddy, Electric President, Seabear, Pinback
Favorite Food: alots of wasabi in tororo Soba (Japanese noodle)
Position: Management, Page Designer&editer , photographer, Writer

Takeshi Nozawa (English Guide Tour Staff, Blog Leader)
college: Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, Senior
Interests: breakdancing, organic farming
Favorite Food: Typical Japanese Food
Position: Blog Leader, Planner, Interviewer, Logisitics,Writer

Shoko Sugasawa( Interview Staff, JFS Intern)
college: Tokyo University of Agriculture &Technology
faculty of Agriculture, junior
Interests: touring canoe/soft tennis/music/films/singing/traveling/
reading books/cooking
Favorite Color: beige/silver/gold/lavender/white/black/brown
Position: Interviewer

Ryuta Sato(Director of Visual Content, Camera Operator, Interviewer)
college: Oberlin University
Interests: Photography, Film, Motion Graphic, and Music.
Favorite Food: Japanese Soul Food (Washoku)
Position: Director of Visual Content and Camera Operator.

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