Dec 27, 2007

Importance about Recycling

This year I was able to tour 2 groups and 3 individuals.
Our group tour was schedule to show 5 booths from different sectors.
From feedbacks that we received, I noticed that most of our participants liked what they saw. This is my third year of participating in EcoProduct Exhibtion. Every year I had my eye on “new eco-friendly products”, such as new renewable energy products, hybrid cars, and new eco- innovation from big corporation.

(these appliances can be recycled!)

But this year, I was able to attain solid information about new recycled products. I like what I saw at future of Biomass and Bioplastic plaza.
But I was amazed about metal recycling.
Take an example from Dowa Ecosystem, I was shocked to know about precious metals are becoming limited and none of these metals can be found in Japan. Dowa has been active on recycling metals and it is matter for citizen to engage in recycling. How do we recycle metals? For example starting with electronic appliances that are sleeping in our storage room can be recycled into new metal!

Human made technology has increased in quick seconds, and at same time natural resource to fulfill its technology uses are diminishing in quick seconds.
We have to play smart for our future, use every little thing that we have used and revive its product lifecycle by recycling into new products. But we have to do it in efficient matter, not to overuse energy.

I will be looking for small to midsize company to spotlight next year. I know the interesting inventions are hidden at big exhibition hall, and it is our job to spot them and show it to our international guests!

Shiro Hosojima

Dec 25, 2007

[Digest] Food Area

In 2007 exhibition,
there was section of organization and corporation that introduced about future approach about "food".

Food sufficiency ratio of Japan is less than 40%,
so food aspect is really important to consider in Japan.

One of the two restaurants in Eco-Products 2007,
"Natural Food Restaurants" organized by Be Good Cafe,
is very conscious about organic and domestically-grown products.

Food mileage is also notified next to the food name on the menu board,
which enable us to consider about where these ingredients are coming from.

There were booths promoting about importance of "eating millet".
Millet has a role of high nutritional quality.
People with healthy eating habits will mix millet into rice.

This is a biscuit made of millet.

"Local Food and Products Exhibition" is another special area
focused on locally grown products.
You find here lavor boiled down in soy and others food
which actually people eat with white rice.

Dec 20, 2007

Eco-Products 2007 had been held !

Eco-Products 2007 was held from 12/13-15th, at Tokyo Big Site.

Inspite of the cloudy weather on the first day,
large number of people had visited to this exhibition.

The number of visitors in 2007 became the largest number in the last 9 years.
In 3 days, number of visitors increased up to 165,000 people.

Next year, Eco-Products exhibiton will mark its 10 years anniversary.

The organizers has declard 6 promises to next 10 years of exhibition.

1, Send valuable information regarding environmental activities to promote citizens to engage in environmental movement.

2, Appeal public citizens about values in new types of lifestyle.

3, Continue to exhibit an innovational concepts, technology and products that have possibilities to overcome current environmental problem and barriers.

4, Promote the idea of closed-lifecycle in products.

5, Promote diverse communication between exhibitors and visitors.

6, To strongly engage in environmental education for the next generation.

Eco-Products 2008 will be held during 11th to 13th December next year!

Dec 10, 2007

5 recommended booths in Group Tour

The booths that we will introduce in
the English Guided Tour has been decided.

We will introduce total of 5 exhibitors with interesting contents.

1, The Future of Biomass Technology
3, SHARP Corporation
5, Japan for Sustainability

If you have chance to visit English Guide Desk, you can pick up English Map of Eco-Products2007 (We actually prepared them!)

In this map you can check interesting features in exhibition.
And there are more lists of our recommended booth.
Whats great about this map is that we have picked up and listed booth with English speaking representative!

Dec 7, 2007

Ajinomoto Co., Inc

Ajinomoto is a leading food company in Japan.

In 2009, Ajinomoto is celebrating 100 years anniversary.
They have committed to have aspects of "B to N"(Business to Nature)
and "B to S"(Business to Society) in their business.

You can know more about Ajinomoto activities at JFS website.

The concept of this year's exhibition is "Tasty and environmentally friendly
-smart shopper is smart eco
-using seasonable ingredient and tasty, is smart eco
-use till its end, is smart eco
-not leaving anything on plate, is smart eco!

Dec 5, 2007

Bangladesh-made Jute Bag

by Takeshi Nozawa

"Make a world-known brand from developing country"

Mother House, a company selling jute products made in Bangladesh, has a challenging philosophy.
They try to produce new brand from Bangladesh.

Not just placing order but discussing and coorporating with producers, their products have high quality and fashionable sense.
(Business bag pictures from Mother House website)

You can find a variety of shoulder and hand bags,
pouch, wallet, etc...
All are made of jute.

First Mother House has opened in Iriya, Tokyo.
In Eco-Products exhibition, you should check their cool jute products!

Dec 3, 2007

Biochip toys?

By Shiro Hosojima.

When I was little, collecting animation figures was a cool thing.
I remember when I moved to states, ghostbusters figure was so cool!

Why not make toys recycable and friendly to earth?

At the special booth of "Future of biomass technology",

there will be company called "M.I.C".
M.I.C makes toy figures and also make environmentally friendly packaging.
They have this new innovation called "biomass chip"
natural resource waste(fallen leaves, wood chips, and etc)=>useful material

What useful material?

Biomass toys, earth block and biomass golf.

Please check out this new technology!