Dec 20, 2007

Eco-Products 2007 had been held !

Eco-Products 2007 was held from 12/13-15th, at Tokyo Big Site.

Inspite of the cloudy weather on the first day,
large number of people had visited to this exhibition.

The number of visitors in 2007 became the largest number in the last 9 years.
In 3 days, number of visitors increased up to 165,000 people.

Next year, Eco-Products exhibiton will mark its 10 years anniversary.

The organizers has declard 6 promises to next 10 years of exhibition.

1, Send valuable information regarding environmental activities to promote citizens to engage in environmental movement.

2, Appeal public citizens about values in new types of lifestyle.

3, Continue to exhibit an innovational concepts, technology and products that have possibilities to overcome current environmental problem and barriers.

4, Promote the idea of closed-lifecycle in products.

5, Promote diverse communication between exhibitors and visitors.

6, To strongly engage in environmental education for the next generation.

Eco-Products 2008 will be held during 11th to 13th December next year!

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