Dec 27, 2007

Importance about Recycling

This year I was able to tour 2 groups and 3 individuals.
Our group tour was schedule to show 5 booths from different sectors.
From feedbacks that we received, I noticed that most of our participants liked what they saw. This is my third year of participating in EcoProduct Exhibtion. Every year I had my eye on “new eco-friendly products”, such as new renewable energy products, hybrid cars, and new eco- innovation from big corporation.

(these appliances can be recycled!)

But this year, I was able to attain solid information about new recycled products. I like what I saw at future of Biomass and Bioplastic plaza.
But I was amazed about metal recycling.
Take an example from Dowa Ecosystem, I was shocked to know about precious metals are becoming limited and none of these metals can be found in Japan. Dowa has been active on recycling metals and it is matter for citizen to engage in recycling. How do we recycle metals? For example starting with electronic appliances that are sleeping in our storage room can be recycled into new metal!

Human made technology has increased in quick seconds, and at same time natural resource to fulfill its technology uses are diminishing in quick seconds.
We have to play smart for our future, use every little thing that we have used and revive its product lifecycle by recycling into new products. But we have to do it in efficient matter, not to overuse energy.

I will be looking for small to midsize company to spotlight next year. I know the interesting inventions are hidden at big exhibition hall, and it is our job to spot them and show it to our international guests!

Shiro Hosojima

Dec 25, 2007

[Digest] Food Area

In 2007 exhibition,
there was section of organization and corporation that introduced about future approach about "food".

Food sufficiency ratio of Japan is less than 40%,
so food aspect is really important to consider in Japan.

One of the two restaurants in Eco-Products 2007,
"Natural Food Restaurants" organized by Be Good Cafe,
is very conscious about organic and domestically-grown products.

Food mileage is also notified next to the food name on the menu board,
which enable us to consider about where these ingredients are coming from.

There were booths promoting about importance of "eating millet".
Millet has a role of high nutritional quality.
People with healthy eating habits will mix millet into rice.

This is a biscuit made of millet.

"Local Food and Products Exhibition" is another special area
focused on locally grown products.
You find here lavor boiled down in soy and others food
which actually people eat with white rice.

Dec 20, 2007

Eco-Products 2007 had been held !

Eco-Products 2007 was held from 12/13-15th, at Tokyo Big Site.

Inspite of the cloudy weather on the first day,
large number of people had visited to this exhibition.

The number of visitors in 2007 became the largest number in the last 9 years.
In 3 days, number of visitors increased up to 165,000 people.

Next year, Eco-Products exhibiton will mark its 10 years anniversary.

The organizers has declard 6 promises to next 10 years of exhibition.

1, Send valuable information regarding environmental activities to promote citizens to engage in environmental movement.

2, Appeal public citizens about values in new types of lifestyle.

3, Continue to exhibit an innovational concepts, technology and products that have possibilities to overcome current environmental problem and barriers.

4, Promote the idea of closed-lifecycle in products.

5, Promote diverse communication between exhibitors and visitors.

6, To strongly engage in environmental education for the next generation.

Eco-Products 2008 will be held during 11th to 13th December next year!

Dec 10, 2007

5 recommended booths in Group Tour

The booths that we will introduce in
the English Guided Tour has been decided.

We will introduce total of 5 exhibitors with interesting contents.

1, The Future of Biomass Technology
3, SHARP Corporation
5, Japan for Sustainability

If you have chance to visit English Guide Desk, you can pick up English Map of Eco-Products2007 (We actually prepared them!)

In this map you can check interesting features in exhibition.
And there are more lists of our recommended booth.
Whats great about this map is that we have picked up and listed booth with English speaking representative!

Dec 7, 2007

Ajinomoto Co., Inc

Ajinomoto is a leading food company in Japan.

In 2009, Ajinomoto is celebrating 100 years anniversary.
They have committed to have aspects of "B to N"(Business to Nature)
and "B to S"(Business to Society) in their business.

You can know more about Ajinomoto activities at JFS website.

The concept of this year's exhibition is "Tasty and environmentally friendly
-smart shopper is smart eco
-using seasonable ingredient and tasty, is smart eco
-use till its end, is smart eco
-not leaving anything on plate, is smart eco!

Dec 5, 2007

Bangladesh-made Jute Bag

by Takeshi Nozawa

"Make a world-known brand from developing country"

Mother House, a company selling jute products made in Bangladesh, has a challenging philosophy.
They try to produce new brand from Bangladesh.

Not just placing order but discussing and coorporating with producers, their products have high quality and fashionable sense.
(Business bag pictures from Mother House website)

You can find a variety of shoulder and hand bags,
pouch, wallet, etc...
All are made of jute.

First Mother House has opened in Iriya, Tokyo.
In Eco-Products exhibition, you should check their cool jute products!

Dec 3, 2007

Biochip toys?

By Shiro Hosojima.

When I was little, collecting animation figures was a cool thing.
I remember when I moved to states, ghostbusters figure was so cool!

Why not make toys recycable and friendly to earth?

At the special booth of "Future of biomass technology",

there will be company called "M.I.C".
M.I.C makes toy figures and also make environmentally friendly packaging.
They have this new innovation called "biomass chip"
natural resource waste(fallen leaves, wood chips, and etc)=>useful material

What useful material?

Biomass toys, earth block and biomass golf.

Please check out this new technology!

Nov 29, 2007

Nihon Kinuka

Nihon Kinuka is a coating company.

In the old day, Japanese people has used coating material
from rice bran.

They brushed the floor and furnitures with this.

Nihon Kinuka has revived this naturally coating system, "Kinuka"
There will be no problem to lick it, there will be no odor after its use.

"Kinuka" has been awarded at the 4th Eco Products Award Ceremony.

Nov 26, 2007

Green cars

By Shiro Hosojima

Did you have chance to go to the motor show in Japan?
I did not have time, but I heard the show had amazing environmentally friendly cars.
As I was searching through the net, I had encountered with amazing technology!

For example:
Honda's Hybrid Sports Car "CR-Z"

Nissan's Universal Designed electric Car

Also, Toyota and Mitsubishi had great amazing concept cars lined up at the show!
And these four companies that I have mentioned will participate in Eco Products 2007!
If you missed the motor show, why not come to EcoProduct Exhibition?

Nov 24, 2007

Enviroment Idea Contest

During the exhibition, a couple of idea contest award ceremony
will presented.

"Eco Japan Cup" is hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Business Women, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
Their concept is "Lets change world's economy to Eco, first starting with Japan!".
Six ideas from three sections, including business model, design, art and local action, are awarded.
(only in Japanese)

"Cool the Earth Idea Contest".

With the aim of curbing global warming as much as possible and keeping the earth "cool", they were called for ideas from around the world for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Based on the innovative ideas we receive, prototype projects will be conducted in Japan to establish models for reducing emissions.
Awared ceremony will be done on 14th.

Nov 22, 2007

Eco-tourism promoting council of Okinawa/ Okinawa prefecture

By: Shoko Sugasawa

There are several reasons that I recommend for you to visit Okinawa. The nature in Okinawa is so amazing. I have canoed around and across Okinawa and encountered amazing waterfalls, unique creatures, and beautiful ocean. I am proud that Okinawa is one of our treasures in our country. But recently, that our treasure has been endangered due to decreases in forest area and polluted seashores.

Okinawa is trying to harmonize the nature by inviting tourist to see the beauty of Okinawa.
This Eco-Tourism has a vision that many people will realize that protecting beauty of Okinawa and around the world is important!
You can see some pictures of the nature in Okinawa!
Please check out their page:

Nov 19, 2007

Japan East Railways, Power-Generating Floor

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

As part of research aimed at developing more environmentally friendly train stations, is testing an experimental system that produces electricity as people pass through ticket gates. JR claims that this sort of human-powered electricity generation system may provide a portion of the electricity consumed at train stations in the future.

The ticket gate electricity generation system relies on a series of piezo elements embedded in the floor under the ticket gates, which generate electricity from the pressure and vibration they receive as people step on them. When combined with high-efficiency storage systems, the ticket gate generators can serve as a clean source of supplementary power for the train stations.

Busy train stations (and those with large numbers of passengers willing to bounce heavily through the gates) will be able to accumulate a relatively large amount of electricity.

To know more about this, check JFS website.
"Walking on New Power-Generating Floor Creates Electricity"

Nov 14, 2007

Aleph Inc.(Food)

Aleph Inc. manages "Bikkuri Donkey",
is one of the major hamburger restaurants in Japan.
They have a strong commitment to serve great qualities of food,
especially concentrating in areas of meat, rice, and vegetable.

They have a variety of projects like:
-Organic low-pesticide rice grown by contract farmers.
-"Total Food Industry"vision, from agriculture to the restaurant chain industry
-100% recyling at restaurants and factories
-made fuel from household used-oil

They recently held an event welcoming Denise Meadows
and discussed about the sustainability scenario of the next century.

To know more about Aleph's activity,
please go to Japan for Sustainability web site.

Nov 12, 2007


NTT DoCoMo is well known IT/Communicating Service in Japan.

NTT has presented unique products in the past exhibitions, such as "bioplastic cell phones".
NTT has been eye catcher for international guests, especially people with an interest in green technology.

This year in 2007, NTT is having booth with full of Green things.

From the pictures below, I have never seen booth like this in the past, and it is worth checking out.(This picture is shown in Eco-Products 2007 Official Page)

If you have interest in technology of cell phone in Japan, please check out NTT DoCoMo

Nov 10, 2007

Japanese Traditional Ecoproduct "Furoshiki"

“Furoshiki” is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to
wrap gifts, clothes, and other goods.

Furoshiki means “bath spread”, deriving from the usage of bundling clothes
at public baths in the Edo Period (1603-1867).
Its usage have then extended to protect goods
when transporting and decorating goods for presents.

Furoshikis are made of silk, cotton, rayon, or nylon.
Furoshiki requires numerous wrapping techniques;
there are many ways and many things that are wrapped with furoshikis.
The wrapping methods vary in size and shape.

Furoshiki was very common since the Nara period (AD 710-794),
known as "Hirazutsumi" back then, but the usage of it has declined
since the postwar period due to the introduction of plastic bags.
Many of the young Japanese people today have negative images
about furoshiki as “bag for old people”.

Recently, past Japanese minister of environment and various environmental
organizations have been promoting active usage of furoshiki.
With rising awareness and environmental trend,
many brands in Japan are collaboratively producing furoshikis
with trendy design and easy instruction where young people can easily wrap
in their own unique style.

Little by little, furoshiki is becoming labeled as
"cool traditional eco-friendly product".

Revival :
New type of "furoshiki" are now revived as fashionable products.
For instance, you can find here PC wrapping furoshiki.
(only in Japanese)

Nov 8, 2007

Let's start a "CO2 Diet" today!

"CO2 Diet" is the concept of this year's exhibition.

Japan has been discharging large number of CO2 over the years,
we have to encourage ourselves to get into a habit of "dieting" the amount of CO2 emission.

This campaign is a part of "Declare challenge to reduce CO2
by 1kg per person within a day ". This campaign is organized by "Team Minus 6 Percent".

It encourages people to save energy in a household by indicating
the effects in concrete figures of uses in electricity,
gas, and oil.

In EcoProducts 2007, you can check the amount of CO2
you are emmiting. And the staff will consult you to find your own ways of dieting CO2!

To know more about "CO2 Diet", please check the JFS Website.

Nov 5, 2007

Green Purchasing Network (NGO)

The Green Purchasing Network (GPN),
promotes the ideas and practices of "green purchasing" in Japan.

The 2,876 organizations (Jan 2005) join our network including corporations,
local autonomous bodies, consumer groups, environmental NGOs,
and cooperative associations.

Purchasing guidelines for various products and maintains an extensive product database
and awarding commendations to organizations that have excellently performed
in implementing green purchasing is our major activities.

They've organized a big "Say No to Plastic Bag campaign" involving
500 million people last October.

[What to look for in 2007]
Threen points of how processed food can be eco-friendly;
-being considerated in cultivating and breeding
-being considerated in packaging
-being considerated in decreasing CO2

Nov 3, 2007

Be Good Cafe (NGO)

Field; Food, Lifestyle

Non-profit organization, "Be Good Café" is founded in 1999.

This organization is very unique where promotes an information
regarding goodness of environment through workshops,
live music, and healthy organic food.

The aim for this organization is to build a sustainable society
throughout the world. Be Good members are young activists with
variety fields of expertise. With multi-skilled members,
Be Good Café is filled with activities like Steiner, macrobiotic,
permaculture, and developments of eco-village..

Be good Café participate in Eco-Product Exhibition and serve traditional
Japanese food like “Otyazuke” (rice in soup) in organic style.
You should taste it for sure!! (PDF)

Oct 30, 2007

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd "Eneloop"

by Shiro Hosojima

I am frequent user of rechargable battery.

I take a lots of photo on the road, and my single reflex lens camera requires battery.

Last year at Eco-Products 2006, Sanyo has displayed and presented great details about their rechargable battery "eneloop".

  • It can be used and recharged 1,000 times.
  • battery that you don't throw away
Please check out Sanyo's "Think Gaia" page!

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd

Oct 28, 2007

Zephyer Corporation "Air Dolphin"

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

Zephyr has their focus on developing wind energy product with:light weight, low noise, high effieciency, safety, reliability and weartherproof performance, plus superior cost effectiveness.

Air Dolphin is their representive products.

-Suitable for all Condition

  1. generating power under conditions ranging from light breeze to gale-force winds.
  2. Generating power even in hurricane conditions is something that up until now has been considered too dangerous.
  3. Airdolphin actually generates more power in variable wind conditions, even when the average wind speed is small. This revolutionary finding suggests that the Airdolphin can actually be more cost-effective than large wind turbines.
  4. The Airdolphin could show new possibilities of small wind turbine generation. The Airdolphin generates 100-120kWh per month for an average wind speed of 6m/s, resulting in an effective annual CO2 reduction of 800Kg / or more.
-Size and function
  • Low mass, Airdolphin Mark-Zero is only about 17.5kg.This is only 20% of the weight per generated watt of large wind turbines. This light weight also allows the unit to be installed such as on top of your building
  • Ultra low mass blades,reinforced by a carbon fiber skin of for superior rigidy.This technology allows the turbine to capture wind effectively and respond flexoibly to changing condition
  • Plays Biomimicry: “silent disrupter blade”. This new blade has has ability to reduced air flow noise. Designer were inspired by the wings of owls that fly almost silently and unnoticed while approaching to its prey.
  • Robust body, and it is constructed with a “no screw”.Make it superb durability in a wide range of weather.
  • The Power Assist Function also prevents freezing of the rotor due to low temperatures.

“airdolphin" has won Good design award 2005 for its unique appearances. (only in Japanese)

Oct 22, 2007

SUNTORY Limited.

Field: Food&Beverage

Suntory has participated in Eco-Products 8times. Another words, they were involved with exhibition since the beginning. Also at the exhibition 2006, Suntory has displayed interesting things and explained their eco activity in detail.

Whats eco?
Last year Suntory had theme of “water” at the exhibition.

  • 3R in their product
  • Forest Preservation, and Water Preservation (quality)
  • Eco factory (Using water in most efficient way, and while using water, Suntory plants trees “in order to protect water, we must protect the forest”)
  • Sustainability track (recycling process and etc.)

What to look for in 2007:
Strongly engaged in educating consumers about environmental problems and how to overcome it.

SUNTORY Limited.

Oct 18, 2007

Panasonic "Eco & UD House"

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, also know as Panasonic,
well know for excellence of electronic products.

Panasonic uses a version of Factor X that refers to the measurement to achieve a balance between the "improvement of quality of life" from the customer's viewpoint, and the "reduction of environmental impact" over the entire product life cycle.

Quality of Life is defined by number of functions a product performs for

  • Safety / Sense of security
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • Universal Design and Flexibility for all environmental impact if found by measuring
  • Prevention of global warming (GHG factor)
  • Effective use of resources (Resource factor)
  • Reduction/elimination in use of specified chemical substances
-What's displayed?
  1. fuel-cell co-generation and solar power generation systems
  2. green roof the increase energy efficiency, reduce the warming effect of the urban heat islands.
  3. House Shelter with High Insulator and Air Tightness Rainwater Pooling System.
  4. a self-cleaning air conditioner
  5. a hydro-fluorocarbon free refrigerator, a dish washer and a tilted-drum washer
  6. dryer which clean with significantly less amount of water and long-life LED lighting devices which virtually do not need to be replaced.

About Eco-Products Navigator 2007

Eco-Products Navigator is a portal site of Eco-Products Exhibition
and English Guided Tour 2007 organized by Japan for Sustainability.

This site contains information for people across the globe with special interests about giant ecoproduct exhibition held in Japan.

Our objective is to give you accurate guidance about
what really goes on at the exhibition!

This site categorized into:
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-Information regarding various companies and organizations from past exhibitions.
We will also updated some of this year's participating companies and organization.

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・About Us
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Oct 13, 2007

Patagonia "Organic T-shirt & Capilene recycled wear

by Shiro Hosojima

(my favorite Patagonia Organic T-shirt& capilene Long sleeve)

●Why recommended
When I look to purchase T-shirt, I look for:
2. Corporate Social Responsbility
3. process of how its mad
4. design and concept

And Patagonia fulfills my requirements!
Patagonia is known for"1% for the planet".
(donate 1% of their annual sales to NGO to contribute
to preserving the environment)
Patagonia is well respected from urban lifestyle to outdoor activities.

Oct 12, 2007

Give us comments! (Past visitors)

This section is "comments from past exhibition visitors".
We want to know your opinion about past exhibition.
From attaining your information, we want to make great
English Guided Tour and make Eco-Products Exhibition to be international!

Please posted comments on these questions below:

  1. What was interesting about the exhibition?

  2. What was your favorite product or business service?

  3. Any comments for people who are going to exhibition for first time this year?

Oct 11, 2007

Give us comments! (Coming visitors)

This section is "comments from coming exhibition visitors".
We want to know what you want to see in Eco-Products 2007.
From attaining your information, we want to make great
English Guided Tour and make Eco-Products Exhibition to be international!

Please posted comments on these questions below:

  1. What are you expecting in Eco-Products 2007?

  2. What kind of products or business services are you interested in?

  3. Give us message for staff!

Oct 1, 2007

JFS English Guided Tour 2007

- 1st session Dec.14 (Fri) (10:30-12:20) * Few spaces left
- 2nd session Dec.15 (Sat) (10:30-12:20)
[Fee] Free

*Pre-registered only (Registration form below)

At the Exhibition, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) will hold an English guided tour of selected exhibitors specially designed for foreigners who need any language assistance.

In this tour, four to six participants per group will visit selected booths with JFS staff and learn the latest development in Japan's environmental initiatives and products. You will be able to listen to the exhibitors' explanation of their activities in English, and JFS staff will help you to feedback your questions and opinions to the exhibitors, allowing both you and the exhibitors to find some inspirations from the dialogue. If you would like to know more about the tour, you can find what the last year's tour was like at

We will look for latest products and services that may be more suitable for use in countries outside of Japan. We will also introduce you to Japanese traditional eco products and its modern innovation.

Whether you have been interested in Japan's environmental activities or not, this is a great opportunity to learn this booming topic and have first-hand discussions with industry experts. Apply now to participate in this informative tour.

Note: Our English Guided Tour is free, but we will not support you with a fund, scholarship, or support you to attain visa to Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Japan for Sustainability
Contact person: Noriko Sakamoto

Sep 30, 2007


Shiro Hosojima (English Guide Tour Leader)
age: 29
college: University of Colorado at Boulder, BA Environmental Studies Graduated 2005
University of Utah at SLC, BS Economics Graduated 2001
Interests: climbing, trekking, shooting photos, drinking coffee, searching for cool looking vintage product(of course , good efficiency is a requirement!), and reading books
Favorite Artist: Grandaddy, Electric President, Seabear, Pinback
Favorite Food: alots of wasabi in tororo Soba (Japanese noodle)
Position: Management, Page Designer&editer , photographer, Writer

Takeshi Nozawa (English Guide Tour Staff, Blog Leader)
college: Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, Senior
Interests: breakdancing, organic farming
Favorite Food: Typical Japanese Food
Position: Blog Leader, Planner, Interviewer, Logisitics,Writer

Shoko Sugasawa( Interview Staff, JFS Intern)
college: Tokyo University of Agriculture &Technology
faculty of Agriculture, junior
Interests: touring canoe/soft tennis/music/films/singing/traveling/
reading books/cooking
Favorite Color: beige/silver/gold/lavender/white/black/brown
Position: Interviewer

Ryuta Sato(Director of Visual Content, Camera Operator, Interviewer)
college: Oberlin University
Interests: Photography, Film, Motion Graphic, and Music.
Favorite Food: Japanese Soul Food (Washoku)
Position: Director of Visual Content and Camera Operator.

Sep 28, 2007

About Eco-Products Exhibition 
(official English site)

[Date] December 13th(Thu)-15th(Sat) 2007
[Place] Tokyo Big Site

"Eco-Products" is the largest eco-related exhibition in Japan.
Over 150 thousand people from every walk of life
gather to this exhibition to exchange their views on "spreading eco-products"
and "protecting the environment".
Last year at "Eco-Products 2006,"
about 550 companies & organizations exhibited.

Attending guests saw the latest eco-products, eco-services,
and eco-concepts that the exhibitors introduced.

2006 updates and reports (JFS)↓

2006 Slideshow↓

If you are thinking about simultaneous pursuit of environmental preservation
and economic profit,or if you want to create an eco brand image of your company,
or if you want to learn the latest "eco-life" trends,
"Eco-Products 2007" is the place you want to visit this December!