Oct 22, 2007

SUNTORY Limited.

Field: Food&Beverage

Suntory has participated in Eco-Products 8times. Another words, they were involved with exhibition since the beginning. Also at the exhibition 2006, Suntory has displayed interesting things and explained their eco activity in detail.

Whats eco?
Last year Suntory had theme of “water” at the exhibition.

  • 3R in their product
  • Forest Preservation, and Water Preservation (quality)
  • Eco factory (Using water in most efficient way, and while using water, Suntory plants trees “in order to protect water, we must protect the forest”)
  • Sustainability track (recycling process and etc.)

What to look for in 2007:
Strongly engaged in educating consumers about environmental problems and how to overcome it.

SUNTORY Limited.

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