Oct 28, 2007

Zephyer Corporation "Air Dolphin"

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

Zephyr has their focus on developing wind energy product with:light weight, low noise, high effieciency, safety, reliability and weartherproof performance, plus superior cost effectiveness.

Air Dolphin is their representive products.

-Suitable for all Condition

  1. generating power under conditions ranging from light breeze to gale-force winds.
  2. Generating power even in hurricane conditions is something that up until now has been considered too dangerous.
  3. Airdolphin actually generates more power in variable wind conditions, even when the average wind speed is small. This revolutionary finding suggests that the Airdolphin can actually be more cost-effective than large wind turbines.
  4. The Airdolphin could show new possibilities of small wind turbine generation. The Airdolphin generates 100-120kWh per month for an average wind speed of 6m/s, resulting in an effective annual CO2 reduction of 800Kg / or more.
-Size and function
  • Low mass, Airdolphin Mark-Zero is only about 17.5kg.This is only 20% of the weight per generated watt of large wind turbines. This light weight also allows the unit to be installed such as on top of your building
  • Ultra low mass blades,reinforced by a carbon fiber skin of for superior rigidy.This technology allows the turbine to capture wind effectively and respond flexoibly to changing condition
  • Plays Biomimicry: “silent disrupter blade”. This new blade has has ability to reduced air flow noise. Designer were inspired by the wings of owls that fly almost silently and unnoticed while approaching to its preď˝™.
  • Robust body, and it is constructed with a “no screw”.Make it superb durability in a wide range of weather.
  • The Power Assist Function also prevents freezing of the rotor due to low temperatures.

“airdolphin" has won Good design award 2005 for its unique appearances.
http://www.g-mark.org/library/2005/ (only in Japanese)


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