Oct 18, 2007

About Eco-Products Navigator 2007

Eco-Products Navigator is a portal site of Eco-Products Exhibition
and English Guided Tour 2007 organized by Japan for Sustainability.

This site contains information for people across the globe with special interests about giant ecoproduct exhibition held in Japan.

Our objective is to give you accurate guidance about
what really goes on at the exhibition!

This site categorized into:
・Eco-Products 2007
-Current information of this year's Eco-Products.

・Exhibitors List
-Information regarding various companies and organizations from past exhibitions.
We will also updated some of this year's participating companies and organization.

・Our Recommendation
-English Guided Tour staff and our friends will introduce you to products and services that we saw in past exhibition. We will also introduce you to some of traditional Japanese eco practice that may interest our viewer also!

・About Us
-Information of this site and about we staff.


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