Oct 30, 2007

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd "Eneloop"

by Shiro Hosojima

I am frequent user of rechargable battery.

I take a lots of photo on the road, and my single reflex lens camera requires battery.

Last year at Eco-Products 2006, Sanyo has displayed and presented great details about their rechargable battery "eneloop".

  • It can be used and recharged 1,000 times.
  • battery that you don't throw away
Please check out Sanyo's "Think Gaia" page!

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd

Oct 28, 2007

Zephyer Corporation "Air Dolphin"

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

Zephyr has their focus on developing wind energy product with:light weight, low noise, high effieciency, safety, reliability and weartherproof performance, plus superior cost effectiveness.

Air Dolphin is their representive products.

-Suitable for all Condition

  1. generating power under conditions ranging from light breeze to gale-force winds.
  2. Generating power even in hurricane conditions is something that up until now has been considered too dangerous.
  3. Airdolphin actually generates more power in variable wind conditions, even when the average wind speed is small. This revolutionary finding suggests that the Airdolphin can actually be more cost-effective than large wind turbines.
  4. The Airdolphin could show new possibilities of small wind turbine generation. The Airdolphin generates 100-120kWh per month for an average wind speed of 6m/s, resulting in an effective annual CO2 reduction of 800Kg / or more.
-Size and function
  • Low mass, Airdolphin Mark-Zero is only about 17.5kg.This is only 20% of the weight per generated watt of large wind turbines. This light weight also allows the unit to be installed such as on top of your building
  • Ultra low mass blades,reinforced by a carbon fiber skin of for superior rigidy.This technology allows the turbine to capture wind effectively and respond flexoibly to changing condition
  • Plays Biomimicry: “silent disrupter blade”. This new blade has has ability to reduced air flow noise. Designer were inspired by the wings of owls that fly almost silently and unnoticed while approaching to its preď˝™.
  • Robust body, and it is constructed with a “no screw”.Make it superb durability in a wide range of weather.
  • The Power Assist Function also prevents freezing of the rotor due to low temperatures.

“airdolphin" has won Good design award 2005 for its unique appearances.
http://www.g-mark.org/library/2005/ (only in Japanese)

Oct 22, 2007

SUNTORY Limited.

Field: Food&Beverage

Suntory has participated in Eco-Products 8times. Another words, they were involved with exhibition since the beginning. Also at the exhibition 2006, Suntory has displayed interesting things and explained their eco activity in detail.

Whats eco?
Last year Suntory had theme of “water” at the exhibition.

  • 3R in their product
  • Forest Preservation, and Water Preservation (quality)
  • Eco factory (Using water in most efficient way, and while using water, Suntory plants trees “in order to protect water, we must protect the forest”)
  • Sustainability track (recycling process and etc.)

What to look for in 2007:
Strongly engaged in educating consumers about environmental problems and how to overcome it.

SUNTORY Limited.

Oct 18, 2007

Panasonic "Eco & UD House"

(exhibited in Eco-Products 2006)

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, also know as Panasonic,
well know for excellence of electronic products.

Panasonic uses a version of Factor X that refers to the measurement to achieve a balance between the "improvement of quality of life" from the customer's viewpoint, and the "reduction of environmental impact" over the entire product life cycle.

Quality of Life is defined by number of functions a product performs for

  • Safety / Sense of security
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • Universal Design and Flexibility for all environmental impact if found by measuring
  • Prevention of global warming (GHG factor)
  • Effective use of resources (Resource factor)
  • Reduction/elimination in use of specified chemical substances
-What's displayed?
  1. fuel-cell co-generation and solar power generation systems
  2. green roof the increase energy efficiency, reduce the warming effect of the urban heat islands.
  3. House Shelter with High Insulator and Air Tightness Rainwater Pooling System.
  4. a self-cleaning air conditioner
  5. a hydro-fluorocarbon free refrigerator, a dish washer and a tilted-drum washer
  6. dryer which clean with significantly less amount of water and long-life LED lighting devices which virtually do not need to be replaced.

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Oct 13, 2007

Patagonia "Organic T-shirt & Capilene recycled wear

by Shiro Hosojima

(my favorite Patagonia Organic T-shirt& capilene Long sleeve)

●Why recommended
When I look to purchase T-shirt, I look for:
2. Corporate Social Responsbility
3. process of how its mad
4. design and concept

And Patagonia fulfills my requirements!
Patagonia is known for"1% for the planet".
(donate 1% of their annual sales to NGO to contribute
to preserving the environment)
Patagonia is well respected from urban lifestyle to outdoor activities.


Oct 12, 2007

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Oct 11, 2007

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Oct 1, 2007

JFS English Guided Tour 2007

- 1st session Dec.14 (Fri) (10:30-12:20) * Few spaces left
- 2nd session Dec.15 (Sat) (10:30-12:20)
[Fee] Free

*Pre-registered only (Registration form below)

At the Exhibition, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) will hold an English guided tour of selected exhibitors specially designed for foreigners who need any language assistance.

In this tour, four to six participants per group will visit selected booths with JFS staff and learn the latest development in Japan's environmental initiatives and products. You will be able to listen to the exhibitors' explanation of their activities in English, and JFS staff will help you to feedback your questions and opinions to the exhibitors, allowing both you and the exhibitors to find some inspirations from the dialogue. If you would like to know more about the tour, you can find what the last year's tour was like at

We will look for latest products and services that may be more suitable for use in countries outside of Japan. We will also introduce you to Japanese traditional eco products and its modern innovation.

Whether you have been interested in Japan's environmental activities or not, this is a great opportunity to learn this booming topic and have first-hand discussions with industry experts. Apply now to participate in this informative tour.

Note: Our English Guided Tour is free, but we will not support you with a fund, scholarship, or support you to attain visa to Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Japan for Sustainability
Contact person: Noriko Sakamoto