Nov 22, 2007

Eco-tourism promoting council of Okinawa/ Okinawa prefecture

By: Shoko Sugasawa

There are several reasons that I recommend for you to visit Okinawa. The nature in Okinawa is so amazing. I have canoed around and across Okinawa and encountered amazing waterfalls, unique creatures, and beautiful ocean. I am proud that Okinawa is one of our treasures in our country. But recently, that our treasure has been endangered due to decreases in forest area and polluted seashores.

Okinawa is trying to harmonize the nature by inviting tourist to see the beauty of Okinawa.
This Eco-Tourism has a vision that many people will realize that protecting beauty of Okinawa and around the world is important!
You can see some pictures of the nature in Okinawa!
Please check out their page:


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